Frequently Asked Quetions

The following frequently asked questions may assist you when deciding to book one of our campervans, but if you have any other questions then please contact us to ask them

What are the dimensions of our VW Campervans?
The Length (Bumper to Bumper) of our vans is 450 cm
The width of our vans is 172cm
The Height of our vans is either 194cm (Sunny) or 220cm (all of the others with their pop tops down)











VW Campervan Awning
The width of our awnings is 340cm
The depth of our awnings is 240cm
Image of country road awning 



What are the Collection and return Times?
Collection is normally 2:30pm, we can make exceptions based on availability and upon request

Return is normally before 11am on the last day of hire, we can make exceptions based on availability and upon request

For Glastonbury we offer slightly different times, please enquire when booking.

Please remember to bring all of the required documentation including proof of address and driving license for each and every driver.

What do i need to pack?

Our vans are equipped with everything that you will need for life on the road. This includes crockery, cutlery, cooking equipment and outdoor chairs. You need to bring your own bedding and towels (we cannot supply our usual bedding packs and towels due to Covid-19 precautions), and all the toys and books you think you will need.

You might like to bring along a few useful little home comforts as well, such as kitchen roll, a small bottle of cooking oil, washing up liquid, tea towels, salt and pepper, cleaning cloths, plastic shopping bags for rubbish, cling film, phone charger, baby wipes (for sticky BBQ fingers!), a pack of cards and torches.

We love packing our clothes in soft bags as they can easily squash in anywhere, supermarket long-life bags work well and you can have one each plus one for the laundry!


What is included in the price?
Insurance for the first named driver (subject to terms and conditions)
A Full tank of petrol, but we ask that you also return the van with the same amount of petrol
A built in 2 ring gas cooker with grill
Cutlery and Crockery (okay Melamine plates and cups)
Frying pan, 2 saucepans, cooking utensils
Full RAC cover which we hope you won’t need to use
Electric hook ups so you can use your hair dryer (dependent on camp site facilities)
Most important of all a whistling kettle to make that all important cup of tea when you get there.


What are the optional extras? (available at the time of booking)
Camp Beds (each) 
Cycle Rack for 2 cycles 
Towel hire 
Double Bedding pack hire 
Hire of Children's sleeping bag


How can I pay?
Initial booking deposits are made via our website with all further payments made by BACS transfer.

The security deposit (£500) required when you hire the van of your choice is taken as cash, BACS or Paypal.

The security deposit payment will be returned via the method it was given at the end of the rental period.


Can we take your Campervans abroad?
Due to the issues involved in insuring and arranging breakdown cover, the answer to this question is... No.

If you wish to go abroad then please contact us and we will put you in touch with hire companies in France that may be able to assist.

You can take the campervans anywhere in the United Kingdom, with the exception of Scotland and Northern Ireland, and subject to our mileage limit (see below.)


Is there a mileage limit?
Our campers are all around 50 years old, and whilst we endeavour to maintain them to the highest standards possible, we do not have a mileage limit on hires, but do keep you ambitions realistic with regards to miles covered as these vehicles typically cruise at 55-60mph.

Weekends and mid-week hires: 350 Miles, this will allow for travel in the many beautiful areas including Norfolk, Oxfordshire, Dorset, Hampshire, Sussex, and Kent.

7 day hires: 650 miles, this will also allow you to travel to Wales, Devon and Cornwall.

Please also remember that whilst Cornwall and Wales are beautiful places to visit, the roads there can burn hours of travel time reducing time for your holiday.


What documentation do I need to bring?
We require the following forms of identification to be presented when collecting your campervan:

  • Your full photo card or original paper licence (the paper counter part of your licence is now obsolete)

  • In addition we will also need two proofs of your address that is less than 3 months old in the form of the following

  • A recent utility or phone bill showing your current address

  • A statement or letter from your bank or card provider showing your current address

  • An official letter from the Government, Government Agency or Local Authority

  • A letter from your Doctor, Dentist or other health care specialist

In addition for drivers with non UK licences or where you reside outside of the UK then we will also need to see your current and valid passport

For Non EU licence holders you will also ned to provide us with details of your international driving permit

For UK drivers only we will also need to run a DVLA check on your license, for which you will need your National Insurance Number. If you would rather not provide this then you can generate a 'check code' on the DVLA website

We won’t be able to hand over the keys to your campervan without this information so please ensure you have this paperwork organised in advance of your trip.


Can additional drivers be added?
We can add an additional 2 drivers to the policy for a daily fee, this will be advised at the time of booking and we we will need to see the same proof of address for each additional driver when collecting the campervan

I have points / convictions on my licence or I have made an insurance claim can I still be insured?
Our insurance company is normally quite understanding of points for speeding or similar, however they won't insure you if you have been convicted of dangerous driving, or if you have been convicted for driving under the influence of Alcohol or Drugs

The are also fairly understanding if you have made a claim in the last three years, however they may refuse you if you have made more than one claim in three years

In all cases please feel free to discuss it with us and we can make enquiries with the insurance company when you make your booking.

What are the campervans like to drive?
All of our campervans are as they were designed back in the 1970's when vehicles were very different!  You will find the gears and brakes very different to modern cars and it is advisable to leave lots of space and allow lots of time for braking and gear changing.   Don’t let your van struggle up hills – better to change down and keep the revs up.

They don't have power assisted steering (something you only notice when parallel parking) nor do they have ABS on their brakes which means you just have to give a slightly longer gap between you and the vehicle in front, especially in the wet or when going down hill.

They have a 1600cc engine, which is more than sufficient unless you on a steep hill where you will need to change down gears to get you up the hill

We have fitted limiters on the engines to restrict the top engine speed to around 60mph (not that you will want to go faster than that) and they are all manual drive (sorry no automatics)

When planning your trip, due to their top speeds being lower than a modern car, we recommend you add 50% to any time estimate provided by navigation tools or websites. We also require you to take a minimum of 15 minutes break every three hours to allow you and the campervan time to relax.

Saying that they are fun to drive and they are no longer than an average saloon car so you won't have a problem driving them, they do turn heads, people like to smile and wave at you when you are driving them and we advise you wave back to get into the Campervan vibe.

We do notice that other drivers are generally friendly towards you when you drive a campervan and quite often you get let out at junctions. Other Campervan drivers will wave and toot you when you pass and you will soon be doing the same.

Most of all lean back, get into a slower pace of life (they aren't built for speed) and enjoy the experience


Can I tow?
The simple answer to this question is no, we haven't fitted towing bars to the campervans and if we find you have been towing whilst in possession of the campervan you will forfeit all of your security deposit and also be liable for any damage caused to the campervan, it's engine, transmission or suspension as a result.


Can I take a pet with me?
Of course, well behaved pets are welcome. We do charge an additional £30 fee to cover the extra cleaning afterwards to ensure that the next renter doesn't suffer any pet hair related allergic reaction


How do I get to the office?
The nearest train stations to our address is Forest Hill train station serving London Bridge to Epsom, Beckenham Junction (via Crystal Palace) and West Croydon (via Norbury)and Peckham Rye serving London Bridge, Victoria, Blackfriars (Thameslink), St Pancras / Kings Cross (Thameslink), Sevenoaks (via Swanley), Dartford (via Bexleyheath), Clapham Junction (overground) and Highbury & Islington (overground)


Do I need to take out holiday insurance?
We strongly recommended that you take out the highest level of private holiday/travel/personal possessions insurance in case of any medical or unforeseen event that might impact on your holiday. . Please make sure that you arrange adequate travel insurance to cover you if you have to cancel or cut short your holiday or are forced to change your plans due to an incident.

Unfortunately booking deposits are non-refundable and we cannot reimburse you if your holiday is curtailed. If you have paid in full and cancel prior to departure please contact us immediately, part refunds may be available subject to the length of notice given.


What happens if I breakdown?
All campervans have full RAC breakdown cover. Full instructions of what to do in the event of a breakdown will be provided for you when you collect your campervan. There is also a good 'breakdown' kit on board to enable the RAC to get you on the move again as quickly as possible. Should the Campervan be unrepairable then we would ask that it is transported back to the office where we will endeavour to provide you with an alternative campervan to complete your holiday or refund you for any unused full days of the trip if we haven't got a spare campervan available.

We advise you to take out the highest level of holiday insurance in the event of any unforeseen circumstances that could affect your holiday.

Fees may apply for call outs for human error, for example filling with the wrong fuel, being Locked out, lights left on, use outside of contracted area of use, or damage caused by negligence. Fees for excess towing and recovery may also apply at our discretion.


Can I use a child seat in the campervan?
Yes, although the campervans aren't set up to use ISOFIX car seats. We recommend contacting us first to check the layout of the seatbelts in the campervan and to also arrange to try the child seat in the campervan in advance of your holiday.


What about Security?

Thankfully crime is relatively low in most campsites but we do advise taking reasonable precautions are taken to ensure you have a safe and trouble free trip. Please lock the vehicle at all times and keep valuables out of sight - particularly portable satellite navigation systems.